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Thai tour 2010!!

Nov 4th, deepsea members and my childhood friend Gocchin 

are leaving for a 5 date Thailand tour.

We departured from Narita to Bangkok drinking much beer from morning 

without a break.

At the transit airport Phuket, we got Thai beer somehow.

8:00 PM, we arrived BKK, so off we go for nightlife!

No crash out in Bangkok.

From the first night to the last, we stayed out late at night.

Decorated night market with many illumination.

We had delightful time in a row of stalls.

On 5th, we had a rehearsal in the big site IMPACT(Muang thong thani).

This vast site is the place for Fat Festival.

We had soundcheck, and carefully checked about 

the brandnew transformer made in China. it worked.

Some new friends from Osaka joined to our tour from the night,

good natured guys.

awfully hungry.

We moved from disco to disco, bar to bar.

On 6th, Mr.Ginn, our band`s old friend has lived in Bangkok for several years 

took us to Dj Siam. It is a conscientious CD shop our CD "Wayless" selling.

I cannot forget to buy souvenirs to my coworkers because of

Japanese manners.

On 7th, today is the day. 

deepsea play on the stage4 from 8:00 PM around.

Until 2nd song,everything was OK,

but when we started 3rd song, 

we had some problems with the mac for sequence.

So we had to play rest of songs with fragmentary sound of sequence.

We have to take strong measures Kaizen about mac for the next opportunity

to have gigs in Thailand.

Beside of the stage, my friend Jay and Nobuto-kun took many photos. 

Thank you!!

Fortunately, people saw our show took a fancy to our sound.

After the gig, we sold a lot of CDs"Wayless" at the booth of

Mr.Shimizu of SO::ON Dry FLOWER. 

He and his staff supported us for sales. Arigato gozaimasu!

I want to express my Khoop khun kha to everyone supported us

during this tour.

Having these friends lot with us was so reassuring.

Also big thanks for kindhearted Thai audiences!

Bye Thailand.

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